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Test Equipment

We do our best to inspect using the newest inspection facility and inspection skills

Ceaseless research and development

We continuously make an effort to produce good quality, reliable product under thorough quality-control system.
We thoroughly inspect all inspection process from receiving inspection, interim inspection to final inspection through with each production's function and the newest facilities to fit and advanced facilities using, and we make an effort to produce a perfect production to supply customers.

Zero release of defective product as well and Zero of customer's complaint are done through speedy after service. Our target is zero of defective production to use SPC and PDCA Cycle for process improvement.

We have various vacuum press facilities and injection press of 120~130ton, 800ton grade etc.
Ozone Tester
Brittle Temperature Tester
Water Bath
Heat Aging Chamber
Test Equipment
  • Diaphragm Pressure Tester


  • Diaphragm Durability Tester

  • Endurance Hit Tester

  • Multi-Use Ingredient Tester

  • Ozone Tester

  • Projector

  • Oil-proof Tester

  • Aging Tester